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Join the Turn’d Up Fitness phenomenon! Instructor Training Opportunity

Join the Turn’d Up Fitness phenomenon!

 dance and fitness?

 R&B and dancehall?

You need to try Turn’d Up Fitness! It’s a new dance and fitness class that works every part of your body, helping you to tone and shape up. You can burn between 500 and 700 calories in one class! And it’s so much fun! It’s high energy, gets the endorphins pumping and a great stress reliever. Last but not least, the sassy, sexy routines are a fantastic confidence booster.

*We are also looking for instructors to spread the Turn’d Up Fitness vibe*

If you are looking for a new career, to inspire others and be your own boss, now's your chance!

You'll gain: 
10 CPD points; 
Access to the Turn'd Up Fitness online university; 
The skills to kick start an amazing new career.

Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and find out more at, or contact Shekira at or 07538 856952.

Our Turn'd Up crew can't wait to meet you!