Available to Qualifying Charities in the Bristol Area.


We are proud to be offering studio hire to non-profit organisations absolutely free of charge from September 2016.  We hope that we can help to support many charities through our "Motion Giving Back" programme that aims to directly benefit local charities by enabling them to take advantage of the use of our fantastic dance and fitness studio in the Bristol City Centre absolutely free of charge. 

Here at Motion we care deeply about our community and would like to be able help where we can. Free studio hire means that charities are able to provide additional services to their clients, whilst saving money.

We feel passionately about the benefits of dance and fitness but the free studio hire could be used for many activities.  These could include meditation, yoga, dance, fitness, self defence, drama or any other classes that would enrich the lives of charity users.  Alternatively it could be used as a rehearsal space for groups that are preforming in order to profit or raise awareness of a charity.  The studio space is very flexible at over 700SQFT so could potentially be used for a huge variety of activities, its location also makes it easily accessible from all over the city.  

This is a new programme to be introduced by the Studio in September 2016 and it is likely we will start by offering 2 charities a 1 hour weekly slot for a 6 week duration totally free of charge.  This provision may increase due to popularity and demand but has been designed to give multiple charities the option to make use of this great facility.  

If your charity requires additional hours or an extended period of hire please do not hesitate to get in contact as the 'Motion Giving Back' programme is also introducing huge discounts for charity based hire that does not fit into the totally free offer outlined above.


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If you represent or actively support a local Charity, please make contact and we will be in touch regarding your requirements as soon as possible.

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