Terms & Conditions & Fire Action Procedure

For Motion Dance and Fitness Studios, Bristol, BS1 2NA


By hiring MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS you are entering into a contract by which you are agreeing to abide by the studio’s terms and conditions and house rules as detailed below. This Agreement shall evidence the complete terms and conditions under which the parties have agreed.

Hereafter any instructor or Lessee of MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS shall be referred to as a “RESIDENT”.  For organisations that have multiple instructors - these instructors are also referred to as a RESIDENT.  It is the responsibility of the business owner to ensure all instructors working for them are aware of the below terms and conditions.  Foe organisations with multiple instructors, any breach of these Terms and Conditions will be the responsibility of the business owner.



Times and dates are subject to availability and approval from a member of the MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS team. MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS reserve the right to refuse and reschedule. MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time with or without prior notice or explanations - this however will only ever be used in an emergency.  Cancellation of a class for any reason other than an emergency will be provided with as much notice as possible and no less than 48 hours. Any booking that is cancelled by MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS would not be chargeable.

Bookings can be made using the contact details below and are not valid until confirmed by email or sms:

• Email: motionstudiosbristol@gmail.com
• Phone: 07429 964 728



All weekly studio sessions are hired on a rolling one month contract. One full calendar month must be given by either party if there is a need to cancel the agreement.  All payments need to be made by the beginning of the month by BACS or by card payment via the electronic invoice. The resident agrees to leave the studio in the same condition it was first hired, taking in to account general wear and tear. On securing a regular session at the studio, two months hire cost must be paid in advance. One month hire cost will be held against any damages or missed payments, this will be refunded at the end of the agreement.



For regular weekly classes, 14 days-notice is required for the cancellation of a session without charge; this includes weekends and bank holidays.  If a session has already been paid for this amount will be credited to the invoice of the following month.  If a session is cancelled with less than 14 days-notice, the full cost of the session will be charged. 

If a RESIDENT is regularly cancelling multiple sessions the contract may be terminated at the discretion of Motion Dance and Fitness Studios.

Unless prior arrangement is made (such as term time only bookings) - putting a class on HOLD for 3 weeks or more requires a notice period of at least 30-days and is agreed at the discretion of Motion Dance & Fitness Studios.  A deposit may be required to place a class on HOLD.  The deposit will be credited to the following months invoice.    

Allowances for cancellations due to extreme circumstances are made at the discretion of MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS management.



Payment for all sessions must be made by BAC’s, Cash or online Card payment via your electronic invoice unless prior arrangement with Motion Dance & Fitness Studios has been agreed. All cash payments are to be made on the day of the session. All  payments are to be made within fourteen days of an invoice being issued (unless an extension has been granted at request). Non-payment of rent and/or any other charges may lead to the termination of your agreement without notice and right of access to the premises will be withdrawn.



RESIDENTS are responsible to pay in full for the time slots in which they have booked their session for. Sessions can be extended or shortened if the time is available but is subject to agreement by a MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS member of staff. No refunds or reduction in payment would be eligible if sessions are shortened. Extended sessions would be subject to full payment of the normal hourly rates.



For all irregular bookings, a bookings deposit equal to 100% of the total hire is payable by 7 days following the date of booking. This deposit is non-refundable and failure to pay this invoice on time will invalidate your booking.  

If the RESIDENT has an account with Motion Dance and Fitness Studios,  the session will be invoiced 14 days before the start of the month in which the session is booked, if this invoice is not paid on time the booking will be invalid.


House Rules


It is the responsibility of the RESIDENT to ensure the safety of everyone in the studio during your sessions and until they leave the building


  • The RESIDENT needs to ensure all persons act in a responsible and safe manner and that they are supervised by you at all times.

  • It is the responsibility of the RESIDENT to know the emergency procedures prior to holding sessions in the studio.

  • The RESIDENT is responsible for the safety of the studio and the possessions within it during your session.

  • The RESIDENT is responsible for anyone that you allow to access to the studio. This means that if there is a class immediately after yours, you need to ensure the teacher has arrived to accept responsibility for the studio before you leave any of their students unattended. If their teacher does not arrive then ask them to wait outside, until they do.

  • The studio door and main entrance must be securely closed when you finish your session. You can ensure it is locked by checking it before you go.

  • The RESIDENT must a have a full and valid Public Liability insurance policy that covers you and your students for the activities undertaken within the studio. A copy of this must be sent to: motionstudiosbristol@gmail.com

  • The RESIDENT must ensure that all of your clients leave the building via the main exit (through the café) and that the main door is secured behind you at the end of your session.


If you are unclear in any of this contact motionstudiosbristol@gmail.com or call 07429964728.


House Keeping  

It is the responsibility of the RESIDENT to leave the studio in the same condition as it was found

  • All litter and rubbish is to be collected and put in the bin.

  • All empty bottles to be collected and put in the recycling bin (in the gym or corridor).

  • All spillages need to be mopped up immediately.

  • All feathers from hen parties must be vacuumed within the allotted time of the session.


Obligations of Studio Use

  • When the building is secured - RESIDENTS must ensure that anyone they allow to access the building is there to attend their session and not accessing the building for any other reasons. 

  • RESIDENTS must ensure the studio is left promptly at the end of the allocated session.

  • RESIDENTS must ensure the studio is left in the condition in which it was found.

  • RESIDENTS must ensure all doors are locked and all appliances switched off at the end of their allotted time.

  • The RESIDENT is solely responsible for the well-being and behaviour of all persons attending their class whilst they are under their supervision.

  • The RESIDENT is solely responsible for all furniture, equipment and properties belonging to MOTION DANCE & FITNESS STUDIOS during their allotted time in the studio. Any damage, loss, or theft will be charged to the RESIDENT accordingly.

  • The RESIDENT is solely responsible the furniture, equipment and properties belonging to other businesses within PITHAY STUDIOS up until all their participants have left the building. Any damage, loss, or theft will be charged to the RESIDENT accordingly.

  • If any fire doors are opened people that you are responsible for when there is no fire alarm or emergency the RESIDENT will be liable to pay the £100 fine.

  • Any equipment left at the studio is done at the RESIDENTS own risk.

  • Any damage or fault relating to the equipment, furniture or studio itself must be reported to Motion Dance & Fitness Studios at: motiondanceandfitnessstudios@gmail.com as soon as they are noticed.


Smoking and Vaping are NOT permitted anywhere inside the building. You must leave the premises to smoke. When leaving and entering the building, please remember that the main door must be kept shut at all times unless the café has left it open.


The studio operates a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. If you are suspected of or found to be in possession of ANY CLASS of drugs on the premises, you will be asked to leave and reported to the police.


You are permitted to bring your own food and drink into the studio; however, this must not be placed on any of the equipment. Any damage caused to studio equipment due to spillages and negligence with food and drink will be charged as per our damages policy above. Please help us to keep the studio tidy by placing any rubbish in the bins provided. If any spillages occur theses need to be swept or mopped up immediately. 


It is the responsibility of the RESIDENT to assess the maximum capacity for their activity and ensure that it is not breached.  For an active class capacity is approximately 18 - 25.


Key Cards
Any Key cards issued to a Resident for access to the studio are solely for opening and locking the studio for their allotted session. The key cards remain the property of Motion Dance & Fitness Studios and Motion Dance & Fitness Studios retains the right to withdraw the keys at any point. Keycards are supplied for a £20 deposit, if the keycard is lost another must be purchased by the RESIDENT.


Fire Action Procedure


RESIDENTS are responsible for the safety of themselves, their visitors and staff at all times.

If the alarm is not already sounding when you discover a fire, please activate the nearest call point. Only do this if it does not put you or anyone else at risk.

● RESIDENTS should only attempt to control a fire using extinguishers or other means if it is no larger than a waste paper bin. If it is any larger than this, dial 999 immediately.

● Proceed directly to the nearest fire exit. Instruct others to do so. These are clearly marked with signs on all floors.

Do not take your belongings with you.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 16.28.29.png

 When at the assembly point, take a roll call of people if you are responsible for anyone other than yourself.

● Wait for the fire brigade.

● You must inform the fire brigade if you believe anyone is still in the building.

● Do not re-enter the building until you have been informed that it is safe to do so.



1. Dial 999
2. Give the operator your telephone number and ask for the Fire Brigade
3. When the Fire Brigade answer, give the call handler the following details:

Fire at: PITHAY STUDIOS, The Pithay, All Saints Street, Bristol.  BS1 2NA


If you are unsure of your responsibilities as a RESIDENT of MOTION DANCE AND FITNESS STUDIOS please speak to a member of the the team team on 07429964728 or email motionstudiosbristol@gmail.com


Please fill out the following form to confirm you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions and Fire Action Procedure detailed above.

Before hire commences a full induction will include a physical walk through of the fire and safety procedures.  

If you need any clarification or would like me to run through the fire safety procedure in person again please contact me at:  motionstudiosbristol@gmail.com

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